Sahil Lavingia’s “Gumroad”. Your Social Marketplace.

On a number of sites like Fast Company, Gumroad is being billed as the next Pinterest. I tend to think of it more like Etsy goes social. Etsy + Twitter = Social Selling. Etsy + Facebook = Social Marketplace. I think you get the picture.

The concept is quite brilliant and very simple. You make stuff, Gumroad gives you a short link to your product, you Tweet, or post on Facebook, the link takes your friends and followers to the item for sale.

Developed by 17 year old Sahil Lavingia, (yes you read that right 17 years old) Gumroad is Lavingia’s latest venture after helping to design Pinterest. The idea came to him after he had drawn a photo realistic pencil in Photoshop and couldn’t find a quick, easy, and affordable way to sell it to other designers online.Gumroad’s slogan is “Sell anything you can share,” and it’s quite fitting.