Magnetic bike by Copenhagen Parts.

A little over a week ago my friend Markus showed me the new Civia bike he purchased for his daily commute to work. The thing is a beauty, and I have to admit that I’m a little jealous. The thing is since I have been suffering from reoccurring mild episodes of vertigo, I doubt I’ll be biking anywhere for awhile. The point of all of this is, that while perusing bike websites for that day that I can ride without falling over, I came across Magnetic Bike Lights from Copenhagen Parts.

What a great idea. No drilling, bolting, or ugly hardware to attach the light to your bike. The magnetic lights are designed to fit on any tubular steel frame. (Sorry carbon fiber, titanium, or aluminum  frame owners, your non-ferrous metal frames won’t work.) The lights turn on automatically when attached, and turn off when removed from the frame.

The lights use a battery driven LED which is mounted behind a lens that is designed to illuminate from the sides as well as straight ahead. This helps increase visibility to other bicyclist and motor vehicles you’ll be sharing the road with.

The lights are expected to be released this fall, and you can pre-order them here

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  1. Splendid and incredibly simple idea!
    Checked with Copenhagen Parts, but only received auto-reply. No pricing information that I could find…
    While looking around I found another fun idea in the bike accessory world… I have never worn a bicycle helmet (I just find them too ugly, even though I KNOW that they ARE life[and especially brain]-savers), along comes
    and adds fun and whimsy to the mundane…
    Looks like the odds of somebody having to scoop up my brain off the road just dramatically decreased.

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