The Mobile Playbook, The Busy Executive’s Guide to Winning with Mobile.

I work for a 100 plus year old company, that is steeped in old school corporate culture. That corporate culture sometimes gets in the way of being able to see the future. It prevents us from knowing what to do. This isn’t a knock against my employer. I have a pretty good feeling that this happens with many companies, especially when you are talking about shifting technology spaces and emerging digital markets.

For the last few years, I have been preaching that my company, and frankly any business, needs to engage heavily in the mobile. With the introduction of the iPhone, and Android handsets, the way people engage with content has taken a dramatic shift. In the last 4 years, mobile has exploded in ways few people would have imagined.

If you are like me, working in a large company where executive management is having a hard time wrapping their collective heads around mobile, this might help.

Google has released a document that aims to help organizations figure out how to win in the mobile space. The document is free, and is being brought to you by a company that truly gets how to win in the mobile space. Click on the image below to go to the Google Doc.


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