Perch Interactive. Projection Mapping at the Point of Sale.

Most projection mapping that I have seen over the last two years has been for large scale events, geared at promoting the launch of a new product or service. They are over the top grand expensive productions that are presented as a one off event, or in limited form at a small number of venues.

One of the more practical applications for projection mapping that I have seen lately comes from Perch Interactive. The video below shows where the future of retail could be headed with direct interactive contact being made at the point of sale. The four person shop has created what they call “Perch Displays”. These interactive displays use the the flat counter surfaces as a the interactive substrate for additional product information like product details, price, reviews, sizes, and more.

Similar to what companies like Monster Media have been doing with projected interactive windows and outdoor advertising, Perch takes it to a more practical level, by bringing the interaction directly to the shopper.