Friday Eye Candy. “Urban Outlaw” from Tamir Moscovici.

I found this today over at Autoblog, and I am smitten with the quality of this short little film about a guy you’d never think of as a Porsche collector if you saw him on the street.

The trailer for Urban Outlaw by Tamir Moscovici has a wonderful look and feel to it. Great cinematography that captures the essence of the car and driver. Editing the captures the passion that Magnus Walker has for the cars. A great flow to the trailer that leaves you wanting to see more. Some of the shots in this little snippet of the final product have such a wonderful look to them. The lighting and camera angles are simply spectacular. I can’t wait for the full film to come out. I’m hooked.

Producer / Director: Tamir Moscovici (MOS), Industry Films
Line Producer: Dwight Phipps, Industry Films
DP: Anthony Arendt, Partos
Editor: Paul Proulx, Stealing Time
Colourist: Wade Odlum, Alter Ego
Audio House: Pirate Toronto

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