“Speed of Light” Theory Creates the Worlds Smallest Car Chase.

The folks at Theory have produced a new projection mapping project with no CGI trickery. The entire project was filmed then projected. They get major kudos for that. Projection mapping done well is hard enough, let alone when you do it with film work and not 3D graphics.

“Speed of Light” was produced with the help of Google Street view and projected by the world’s smallest hand held laser projectors, all from an iPod touch with the final output being captured on a Canon 5d MkII.

The project has a really nice feel to it with the entire story being projected onto ordinary household objects which help the short film become a more innovative approach to what is becoming a very saturated medium.

Filmed on Canon 5d MkII + HD MiniCam. Projectors supplied by MicroVision.com

Made as a personal project by directing duo The Theory – thetheory.co.uk