Woodcuts, By Bryan Nash Gill.

Apperently I am getting all in touch with Nature today.

Bryan Nash Gill is a Connecticut artist whose work crosses a number of fields including printmaking. When I came across his website a couple weeks back I meant to post  something about a series of images that he created from cross sections of logs through a wood engraving process.The images have a haunting quality to them, and at the same time they are a record of the life of the tree which has been duplicated and editioned through the printing process. Each of these images are created to scale with a number of them sized at more than 48 inches square. Gill, starts with pieces of dead or damaged wood salvaged from his Connecticut area. He then cuts through the wood until he finds a cross section that he finds engaging. Gill then sands the the cross section as smooth as possible and burns and brushes the block to reduce the areas of soft wood between the growth rings, making them more distinct before printing.

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Bryan Nash Gill is not simply a naturalist, he is an artist rooted in nature he draws his vocabulary from the world of New England’s woods.