Neenah Paper, The Beauty of Engraving.

I work for a company that makes most of it’s money from producing ink on paper products. One of the things that I have learned over the years of working where I do, is that printing is a much more complex job than most people think. And engraving, is one of the most complex types of printing you can do. Quality engraving is an art form. It really is.

The Beauty of Engraving” is a website from Neenah Paper that is dedicated to this storied printing process. The site focuses on the CRANE paper line, which has been in production since 1873. The site is worth checking out for the examples of work that have been submitted. There are some really stunning high quality pieces here.

The video below is a short film that highlights the engraving process, and once again I am astounded by the quality of the video production here. With all the advances in cameras, DSLR’s, video editing, and post production software things just keep getting better. This kind of promotional film would have cost an arm and a leg to produce just a few years ago. It would have required a large crew, and the look probably wouldn’t have been this good.

Oh and watch this all the way to the end. The end titles reveal some nice info about the press, and printing company.