Saturday Morning with the OMD

It’s a beautiful August Saturday morning. For the first time since June, it feels like the weekend is starting off with tolerable weather. I think the heat has finally broken. Now if we could just get some much needed rain.

Earlier this year, I planted a flower bed in the front yard with the intention of drawing hummingbirds, butterflies and bees to the house. we have always had a casual visit from Ruby Throated Hummingbirds, but nothing steady. I wanted something that would draw them in so that I could try and photograph the shy little guys. The hummingbirds are here, just not in great supply. I think the drought has kept them out of the Kansas City area.

this morning while patiently waiting for the return of the ever present female hummingbird, I decided to use the OMD to grab some shots of the butterflies that have invaded the flower beds. Using the the 40 to 150 zoom I grabbed a seat at the end of the walk way to the house, set the camera to aperture priority, opened it up, zoomed in and snapped away.

The more I use the OMD, the more I realize how outstanding this camera is. Especially when combined with some of Olympus’s newer lenses that have been optimized to take advantage of the super quick autofocus. The lens I was shooting with while adequate, is not the fastest glass on the block and it showed. This lens is for the full sized Olympus DSLR. I was shooting with the micro 4/3 adapter ring, and while it focused quick enough to catch butterflies feeding on the flowers, it simply doesn’t have the speed for hummingbirds, or even the fast moving bees. What this lens does offer though, is an amazing shallow depth of field and a sharp center focus, which lends itself well to the kind of images shown below.

As for the camera, it is wonderful. I could write pages about shooting with it, but there are hundreds of in-depth reviews out there and I’m not going to write another. Let me just say this. The camera is a joy to shoot with. It’s not perfect, but no camera is. I love the small compact footprint, the bright EVF, the large HD LCD panel, and the ability to custom program pretty much every button on it. (something I am still figuring out)

Now, I’m off to get another hummingbird feeder with the hope of attracting more to the yard.