The Elusive Hummingbirds

This summer I put up a hummingbird feeder and planted a number of flowers that attract the elusive birds. I say elusive, because even though they are swarming the feeder, they are shy when it comes to being photographed.

For the last few weeks I have been trying a number of approaches with the OMD, most of which involve shooting with the 40 to 150mm lens from inside. Not an ideal situation since it puts me so far away from the subject. Recently I’ve begun sitting quietly about 15 feet from the feeder and patiently waiting for their return.

The results are mixed. They either perch of top of the feeder, or feed on the back of it making it hard as hell to get a decent shot. The good thing is,I’m getting more familiar with the cryptic menu system on the OMD, and for every thirty or so photos I get. Couple of good ones. Like they say, practice makes perfect.