Philips and Apple Team Up To Make Your House Smarter and Brighter.

I really like the idea of using LED light bulbs in my house. I just wish they weren’t so expensive. What I might start doing is replacing them one at a time in order to keep the cost down, and make my house greener.

A few months back Philips introduced a new LED light that is now going to be carried exclusively in Apple stores around the world. The Philips Hue is a smart LED bulb that aims to shake up the home automation market by allowing the bulb to be controlled via a smartphone app that runs on iOS and Android.


With support for up to 50 bulbs, Philips Hue offers up to 80 percent less power than a traditional bulb, lasts up to 15 years, and changes color. The cost will set you back a bit though, with each bulb costing $59.00. When the bulbs go on sale tomorrow, you will be able to buy them in starter pack sets of 3 which includes  a bridge, that connects the bulbs to your wireless router and with each other using the open ZigBee Light Link standard. Once you have the bulbs connected, they link with the Hue smartphone and tablet apps.

Using the smartphone app, users can personalize their lighting settings, program times and utilize Philips “LightRecipes” to set the mood for your house or room at a specific time.


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  1. Well…I must say that I did give in… After your post I had the urge to try the lights out for myself. Pondering the huge expense for a few days I ended up buying the starter set a couple of days ago…
    My first impression: It’s interesting…but did not knock me off my feet.
    For the hefty price I expected more. A decent user manual for starters and a way to have the lights move through a color spectrum over time automatically(i.e.: reflect the changes of light during a sunset) were the very least of my expectations, instead it’s just fade light in or out (in 3 or 9 min preset time frame only).
    The one thing I do like is the ability to give the LED-light the tone that I prefer (the tone of regular LEDs is something I always hated [with a vengeance]) and why I had never considered them before.

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