Legacy Power Trucks.This Ain’t No Grocery Go-Getter.

If I were going to own a truck, it sure as hell wouldn’t be some modern wannabe cowboy Cadillac. It would probably be something like the Legacy Power Wagon form the folks at Legacy Classic Trucks . Why because it looks like a truck. It looks like it’s meant to do truck things. It looks like a work vehicle, not some planet killing, suburban gas guzzling, I’m over compensating for something, grocery go getter. I’m sorry, I do not understand the average American that feels they need to own a Ford F450 Super Duty, when basically all they do is commute to an office job in it.

Anyway, the Legacy Power Wagon is a beautifully hand crafted truck that comes in both two and four door versions (there are a number of versions available including a Woody). The Legacy Power Wagon Conversion is the truck for the serious collector looking to recreate the ruggedness and integrity of the American West. That’s right collector. Why? because with a starting price tag of $114,950.00 you probably won’t be using this for any kind of heavy duty work. Now with that said, you really have to admire the stunning good looks of this truck. It doesn’t feel retro. It is retro. Retro with some very modern upgrades to the engine, transmission, suspension, interior and some creature comforts like AC.

OK if you can afford a $114,950.00 that looks this cool, you better use it as your daily driver. And you better buy some carbon offsets to compensate for the fuel you use.

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  1. Cool as they are…but…115k for the base, a quarter million dollars for a Woody?
    There are some great, cool vintage trucks on eBay, for 10% of the price (ok, they might not be retro fitted with A/C, but I am okay with being toasty if I can save $100,000.00).

    1. I’m thinking if you can afford 115 to 200k on a truck, money is an abstract concept that is no longer real to the rest of us. It’s kind of like being worth a billion, so 100k is like 10 grand to you, or less. Like I said buy some carbon offsets to go with your awesome looking truck.

      I bet Paul Bunyan owns one of these. Wait a sec… Paul Bunyan worked for the man. His boss owns one.

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