Yuksek “Off The Wall”, and the Making Of. Absolutely Brilliant.

If you ever wonder what goes into making a video piece that stands out from the crowd watch the two videos below. The first is the finished music video for Yuksek’s “Off the Wall”. The second is the making of video that shows how they did it. Well it sort of shows how they did it. There isn’t any technical information, but it does give you an idea of the amount of post work this took. It also shows how the talent watched a live view of the split screen work as they were preforming.

Yuksek – “Off the Wall”
Directed by Romain Segaud
Produced by SoLab
Label: Savoir Faire

DOP : Fabien Benzaquen
Gaffer: Sophian Belgarbi
Electrician: Elyan Charvet
Key Grip: Michel Anglio
Production Designer: Solène Ortoli
Assistants: Juliette Lefèvre, Camille Ortoli
Make up artist: Aurélie Bachoux
Location manager: Rémi Veyrié
Editing: Fabrice Lombard
Color grading: Romain Kunstlinger
Producers: Nicolas Tiry, Edouard Chassaing
Producers assistant: Sylvie Simoes
Design Tshirt “Hate/Love”: Rachel Plefger (PA design/Made in design)

Hands: Marie Julie Debeaulieu, David Gary, Axelle Lagier, Cyril Mesnage, Jana Radovic, Alexandre Zulick

2012 • Savoir Faire / Sounds of Barclay / Universal