Joshua Harker, Kickstarter and the Arts.

Chicago based artist Joshua Harker is a sculpture that uses 3D printing techniques to create his works. Working with Shapeways printers he literally grows his complex art from powder, after creating the original master file is a 3D program on his computer.



I know that many people are going to say this isn’t “Art” for any number of reasons. I for one think it is. The man is creating unique works that require skills and tools that are beyond what most of us can create. As a former print maker and digital designer I have no issue with Harker making editions of his work. Frankly I’m really happy to see someone making something in the art world that requires a high level of skill and process.

His latest endeavor on KickStarter is a follow up to the 1 most funded Sculpture project in Kickstarter history. Anatomica di Revolutis is a highly detailed mechanical sculpture that in the artists words;

“Anatomica di Revolutis” (loosely intended to mean “Anatomy of the Revolution”). Each component is designed to assemble together to present a larger narrative about the developing 3rd Industrial Revolution. The fully assembled sculpture features all 3 pieces & symbolizes liberty & prosperity through an empowered participatory populace.”

His goal was just $500.00. To date he has $30,789. Not bad for just 3 weeks of live funding. I think this is great. I’d love to see more artists funded by Kickstarter, no matter what their medium, or how they promote themselves.