SMAPP, Will Make You a Better Filmmaker.

If you are a filmmaker, you might want to consider downloading SMAPP for your iPhone or iPad. SMAPP is an app that was designed and built by Still Motion, to help make the filmmaking process easier, and help people that are just getting into filmmaking and digital storytelling understand the decisions they are making. The app is filled with great tutorials, budget saving ideas,techniques, and fundamentals to help make you a better filmmaker. Oh and it’s Free.

meet SMAPP. the stillmotion app from stillmotion on Vimeo.

Learning this craft can be intimidating and there are so many tools that we often don’t even realize we have, or we don’t fully understand how to best use to tell our story effectively. SMAPP was created to make all of filmmaking more approachable and to empower the filmmaker to tell relevant and meaningful stories, their stories, with more confidence than ever before.