Monday Inspiration. Surfing Giants.

A couple of weeks ago there was a flurry of activity on the internet and TV news about a group of guys that had broken the record of surfing the largest waves in the world. The footage that I kept seeing was pretty much straight news footage of a guy shooting down the face of a wave that was around 10 stories tall.

The video below is quite different. This short film features some amazing footage of a group surfing monster waves off the coast of Portugal. What these guys are doing is insanely great, but the film is what I am digging. Great shooting and editing went into the final piece, and it does a magnificent job of really showing you just how large and powerful the waves these guys surf are. The Band Originale film features surfers Othmane Choufani, Jérôme Sahyoun and Axi Muniain, and was shot on January 28th at Nazare, Portugal.

Produced by Band Originale

Music by NoisePicture