“Coast Modern” a film by Mike Bernard and Gavin Froome.

One week ago I gave up my stewardship of a Studio 804 house in Kansas City Kansas and downsized, moving to a loft downtown. The contrast in architectural styles and size is pretty dramatic. The loft however does a really nice job of blending minimal modernism with the architectural style of a building that was erected in 1905.  Eventually, what I would really love, is to be living in a modest, modern home on the central coast of California.

I have always been drawn to California modernism for a number of reasons, and I am quite excited by “Coast Modern” an independent documentary by Mike Bernard and Gavin Froome. Their film travels the West Coast north from LA to Vancouver showcasing the pioneering architects that invented West Coast Modernist Architecture. The film shows the interior and exteriors of iconic modernist masterworks and shows how the buildings were designed to work in collaboration with the natural environment.

The film doesn’t have any screening dates here in Kansas City as of yet, but hopefully that will change. Based on the trailer, this looks like an exciting documentary for all architecture fans.