HermanMiller “Everywhere in Your Day” Interactive Contest.

This morning on Twitter I came across a new contest from HermanMiller furniture that features a stop motion video and  a series of clues that need to be solved in order to win one of 4 select prizes. The video has an interactive layer that requires the contest participant to click on visual clues to solve the puzzle and enter the contest. In total there are 8 clues that need to be found and solved. Each one requires the contest participant to dig a little deeper in the HermanMiller site, and engage a little more than simply filling out a form. It really is a nice concept that goes beyond the typical contest/marketing ploy. It engages with contestants, and educates them in the process. The stop motion video is really well done, using a storied animation technique without making it feel old and stale. The video is below, but if you want to enter the contest, you have to click the links above.


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