Leveraging Minute Details. Hemorio on YouTube.

Video is becoming a pervasive medium on the internet as band width increases, and the easy of production improves. So how do you stand out in the crowd when you don’t have a blue chip brand, or you are producing something that tends to get skipped over like a PSA? Well you get original and clever, and that is exactly what Hemorio in Brazil did.

To promote and encourage blood donations, Hemorio not only created a really nice animated piece, they integrated a central part of it right into the YouTube progress bar.

In order to make the film more noticeable, memorable and attention grabbing, Hemorio created a direct visual link between the time it takes a donors blood to reach a patient who needs it. In the animation, the blood leaves the donor and enters the YouTube progress bar as if it were an extension of the catheter. As the blood travels along the path it eventually reaches the waiting patient who responds as the donation enters his veins. What a great example of enhancing the content by integrating it with the YouTube API.