Well Designed Zombie Balls.

To promote the German horror TV channel No.1 Jung von Matt/Elbe worked with famous spraygun artist Oliver Paaß to create a series of zombie head bowling balls that were placed through out a number of bowling alleys throughout the country. For more than three weeks Paaß made detailed 360° images that were sprayed on standard bowling balls. Along with the severed heads, standard black balls were intermingled, with each of those featuring the logo for 13th Street, the official channel name. I couldn’t find any info on the effectiveness of the campaign, but the idea is clever and definitely memorable. If 13th Street were smart, they’d manufacture these and sell them. I’m sure there is a market for this. Especially with the number of “Walking Dead, and “World War Z” fans growing every day.

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Advertising Agency
Jung von Matt/Elbe

Chief Creative Officer
Sascha Hanke

Creative Directors Tobias Grimm
Jens Pfau

Art Directors Damjan Pita
Nicolas Schmidt-Fitzner

Graphic Designer
Christoph Mäder

Henning Robert
Jan-Hendrik Scholz

Sebastian Pietta

Oliver Paaß


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