Martin Allais Makes Oreo Wonderfilled.

Oreo has a new series of ads that have been burning up the internet, and TV for the last few weeks. If you haven’t sen them, they are posted below including the 90 second extended web spot of “Anthem” produced by illustrator Martin Allais and producer Maria Soler Chopo. Animation was done by by his Allais’ animation shop, Studio Animal.

“Wonderfilled”, is an advertising campaign that presentis the Oreo cookie as a currency of good will. In the spots the Oreo cookie is passed between the big bad wolf, and the three little pigs,  Dracula, and other folklore icons while asking the question wouldn’t the world be a better place if we all shared Oreo cookies.



In addition to the TV spots there is an integrated online component at a, that includes a downloadable music track by Owl City, along with 30 second and 90 second versions of the animated TV spot “Anthem”. In addition Oreo promoted the campaign by having Owl City and other performers take to the streets of New York City to help everyone have a better morning commute.

3D character animator and 2D cel animator Andy Lyon. 3D modeling/surfacing lead Juan Carlos Cuadra. 3D character animation team James Lane, James Parris, Ian Mankowski, 3D rigger Ian Mankowski, 3D modelling/rendering team George Longo, Juan Carlos Cuarda, Ian Mankowski, John W. Nguyen, 3D animators Orlando Costa and Kevin Tonkin, 2D cel animator Anthony Madlangbayan, storyboard artists Scott Richie and Brian Koons, compositors Mike Humphries, Renzo Reyes, John W. Nguyen, head of producetion Danielle Hazan, producer Jamey Kitchens.