A little Monday Inspiration from Viewpoint Creative. HGTV’s Rebrand Montage.

This montage of HGTV’s rebrand from Viewpoint Creative, shows the excellent cinematography, editing, color grading, use of type, and continuity between all of the promo spots they created. This video shows a really nice job of Viewpoint brings all of the elements together to create a fresh new brand voice for HGTV that highlights the most popular segments on the channel. Each spot works on it’s own, but together in this clip you can see how they create a cohesive voice across the brand.

About the new look from Viewpoint Creative’s website:

“Everyday homeowners are out in the world and on their digital devices pinning favorites and dog-earing possibilities. Our network redesign takes this ‘tagging’ theme and turns it into a central branding motif, bringing consumers on a journey filled with HGTVinspiration and ideas. The full package includes a robust graphics toolkit and extensive shoot-based elements featuring network talent.”