Font Love. Laura Meseguer’s “Magasin”.

I’ve been looking for some new fonts for a side project I have, and I want something that has a hand written feel, with a retro fluidity to it. Something that is light, and summery, without feeling to old-fashioned or dated. While digging around the My Fonts site I came across Magasin from designer Laura Meseguar. This font meets all of my needs and it is a visual treat to look at. I love the flowing curvaceous lines, the varied weigh of letter forms, and the feeling that this is a modern font with a deep heritage. The notes below are from the designer.



About the Design:

Magasin is based on the idea of designing a display typeface inspired by the pointed pen calligraphy with geometric, upright and connected construction and high contrast. What I wanted to show is the obvious accuracy that can be seen in any calligraphic work, but with a close attention to the creative combination of linked letters when creating words, bringing a lettering flavor.

Design Notes:

  • 1. the wavy shapes to emphasize the rhythm
  • 2. four different ways of linking letters, always merging at half of the x-height
  • 3. loops and drops reminiscent of pointed pen calligraphy
  • 4. the angled ending stroke