A Fresh Approach for OFFF 2013’s Main Title Sequence.

The opening title sequence or main title feature that usually gets shown at a conference often becomes a showcase of abstraction and effects. There is nothing wrong with that, but it is nice to see something that takes it in a different direction.

The main title sequence for the 2013 OFFF conference does just that. Form creates a wonderful story that introduces all the speakers seamlessly weaving them into the narration and storyline. As you watch you’ll see how the names of all the speakers are merged with the memorabilia and souvenirs collected through out the narrators journeys. This title sequence is full of wonderful shots, great editing, and yes special effects. The kind of effects that don’t overpower, but enhance the storyline and help bring the piece to life.

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Concept, direction and screenplay

Ashley Govers, Jurjen Versteeg and Wouter Keijzer

Wouter Keijzer

Color correction and visual effects
Jurjen Versteeg

Set design
Ashley Govers

Music and sound design
Ben Lukas Boysen

Cello Performed by
Cordula Grolle

Recorded by
Jochen Mader At Audionerve

Jan-Maarten Nachtegeller

Nick Smith

Caspari de Geus

Production year: 2013