We Think Things “Cumulus & Nimbus Show”

It’s summer, and the last week in Kansas City has been pretty damn spectacular weather wise. Because of the sunshine, and mild 80 degree afternoons, I have been looking for summery video inspiration. What did I find? This fun little piece from We Think Things. This animated short is the opening sequence for the fictitious Cummulus & Nimbus show (yes I know that cumulus is spelled wrong, but that is how it is spelled on their site). Great animation and illustration styles going on here. Every time I watch it, it just makes me smile.

“We had this idea for a character, Cummulus. He was meant to be a mascot, something funny for our reel. But the longer we thought about what he could do, the more gags and characters we came up with and the whole thing grew into a fake cartoon intro thingy.”