Bert Simons. Art Meets Technology and Grows a Head.

Art and technology have always been intertwined. Tools like the cameraobsura, photography, camera lucida, and the computer have helped and enabled artists to push their creativity and reach new bounds. Netherlands based Artist and Designer Bert Simons is blending 3D modeling, with the art and craft of sculpture by producing 3D paper portraits of his subjects. Before you dismiss this lets take a look at his process, and if you want to try it for yourself, this is a link to one of model files.


Simons scans his subject, capturing the 3D data in Blender. He then manipulates the file into flat printable sheets, which are printed, then cut out, then hand assembled. It sounds easy, but it’s not, and the results are actually very cool.  The process involves quite a bit of manipulation of the source file in Blender, including modeling, paining in textures, and developing the flattened geometry. Cutting them out and piecing them together requires patience, skill, and dexterity.



exploded-head head-one realistic-3d-paper-portraits-4 realistic-3d-paper-portraits-5 realistic-3d-paper-portraits-6 realistic-3d-paper-portraits-7 woman


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