The Master. Tom Eckersley, Poster Design

One of the greatest poster designers of the 20th century had to be Tom Eckersley. Yesterday afternoon while doing a little inspiration and research gathering for a freelance project I stumbled across a series of his work and just stopped. Eckersley’s legacy is one that stands out with a rich illustration style that translated so well to the design work he did for such giants as Shell, Guinness  Gillette, BBC, Austin Reed, The united Nations and so many more. His career spanned almost six decades during which time his output was prolific. Over his career his style would change, but Eckersley’s designs have one common factor: his work brought together images and editorial that transformed complex messages into easily recognized, and understandable forms of communication.

Below is a small sampling of his work. Now then, I think I am going to have to add a couple books to my design library.

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