Patrick Clair is Going To Scare the Hell Out of You. Tom Clancy’s “The Division.”

The world can be a scary place and Sydney-based Patrick Clair manages to show us just that with a new piece from Antibody — Tom Clancy’s “The Division.” Antibody worked with Ubisoft and Massive Entertainment to create the launch trailer for their scary as hell new story world.

Antibody and Ubisoft, created a script that blends fact with fiction. Using real world elements, such as the 2very real 001 Dark Winter simulation and 2007 Directive 51 laws passed by then President Bush. Antibody and Ubisoft created a hypothetical scenario encompassing bioterror strikes, a flu pandemic and subsequent economic/world collapse.

Now, while this is a scary little movie, after you’ve stopped shaking and asking yourself if your panic room is in good shape, really look at this. The motion graphics, visual and sound design are absolutely first rate. Antibody and Ubisoft have created a short intro film that communicates with clarity that truly impacts the viewer. The simple narrative drives the story forward while building tension and anticipation about the new game “The Division.”