Analogue/Digital BNE Opening Titles, Show Masterful After Effects Work.

For the Analogue/Digital BNE creative conference in Brisbane Australia, Breeder created a refined black and white sequence filled with sensual imagery, and a great black and white aesthetic. The two videos below show the final piece and the process breakdown of how the sequence was created.

The entire piece was built using After Effects, Mocha, and Photoshop. This is a testament to how powerful the puppet tool can be, especially when combined with other software like Mocha for tracking, and After Effects expressions. The end result is absolutely beautiful. For an interview with Breeder, and some really great screen captures of how this was made go to Watch The Titles.

Creative Direction: Joyce Ho
Producer: Adam Sebastian West
Cinematography: Chris Morris, Alex Gee, Adam Sebastian West
Editing: Alex Gee
Design Lead: Joyce Ho
Design: Alex Gee, Timothy Lovett, Jai Mitchell
Compositing: Chris Morris
Animation: Alex Gee, Joyce Ho, Grayson Huddart