No Oil in Virunga. Belle Mellor for the WWF.


Virunga National Park is the oldest national Park in Africa. It is home to a very diverse range of species, and is currently under threat of oil exploration from the UK oil company  Soco. So how do you get the word out to help stop the proposed oil exploration in this internationally famous park? You hire director Belle Mellor to illustrate the ecological crisis for your #SOSvirunga campaign.


The video above features just 3 colors. Black, white, and green. It shows the contrast between the bright life giving green color, and black represents the potential of what could happen if oil is mined for with in the park. The animation is simple and clean highlighting the native animals as the environment changes color. At the end of the spot, the landscape is made up of, and defined by the signatures of those that have signed the petition to stop the proposed exploration. The final call to action simply asks you, the viewer to become involved. Simple, clean elegant work for the WWF and a great cause.

If you follow the link you are taken to a sign up screen for the petition, and after signing you are redirected to a page where you can follow what is going on through the standard social media channels, and donate to the cause.  So far 144,000 people have signed the petition.