“Olithas” Landscape Forms Floating Beauty.

A few years ago while walking along the Missouri River Front Trail I discovered a series of benches from Landscape Forms. Ever since then I have been a huge fan of their design work for both public and private spaces. This afternoon  I had an email in my inbox for one of their newest designs, “Olithas“.


Designed by Efrain E. Velez, the Olithas table and bench seating combines  a geometric tubular steel base to thin MeldStone surfaces that seem to float above the support structure. The underside of the seats and the table surface are fluted forming a slight wave pattern that adds a visual texture contrasting the smooth primary surfaces. The frames are available in 23 colors including polished stainless steel. The Meldstone surfaces are available in 4 neutral colors featuring an “as-cast” finish or a polished surface depending on your choice of base.

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A winner of the 2013 Red Dot Award, Olithas is another example of Landscape Forms commitment to high quality functional design. If you are curious about the name, it is a combination of two words. One Greek, and one Spanish. Lithos is Greek for stone, and Olita is Spanish for tiny wave. Both words describe the primary surfaces of Olithas.