Paper Design. Blow, Antalis.

Working for a company that makes most of it’s money from producing ink on paper products, I have a certain fondness for paper, and good deign that is applied to it. The images below show off the work of Hong Kong based Blow for Antalis. This beautiful museum box is filled with fun, well designed paper goodsthat range from bookmarks to a mouse pad, to a paper laptop.


“We have collaborated with Antalis Hong Kong to develop a set of paper products for sale. Inspired by the objects that could be found in every design studio, such as the poster drawer, notebook computer, cutting mat and CD-ROM, etc., the design stationery set was created. By transforming these essential tools into the graphics on different stationery products with Antalis papers, they enrich your daily life with delights. The design stationery set is available for sale in different retail stores in Hong Kong from August, 2013.”

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