Projection Mapping Done Right. “Box” from Bot & Dolly.

Over the past few years projection mapping projects have saturated the market getting bigger and bolder with each new one that arrives. Many times the content and concept is diluted by the scope and magnitude of the event that it was created for, or by the scale of the projection itself. “Box” is a new release for the “Creators Project” (if you don’t follow this YouTube channel you should). Created by Bot & Dolly this short video shows how powerful projection mapping can be. Pay close attention to the actual size of the box surfaces, and the illusions created on their surfaces.

This video was designed to serve as an artistic statement, and technical demonstration of  Bot & Dolly. The work shows culmination of multiple technologies, including large scale robotics, projection mapping, and software engineering. “Box” explores the synthesis of both real and digital spaces. It is a live performance, captured entirely in camera.