Moleskine and Paper Make the Digital to Physical Transition.

If you are an iPad user, you are probably familiar with sketching and not taking apps like Paper and Taposé. Both apps allow you to sketch, write notes, and grab images in sketchbook form. Paper has teamed up with Moleskine to take the popular iOS app a step further.


53 the Paper developer and Moleskine now offer the option to print your digital sketch book and have it mailed anywhere in the world. What a great idea. The accordion bound book is a physical extension of it’s digital counterpart. It is a memento. It is a hand crafted object that transitions the digital/physical divide, and from a business perspective it builds brand awareness for both companies.


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  1. I love the accordian book. I particularly like products that enable users to transition from print to digital and vice versa. I love Blurb as they produced my Instagram photos as a book. I also like from a blog to a book that enabled me to produce a book of my travel blog.

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