7 Bis Repita, A Desk for Polit.

7 Bis Repita, designed by Cyril De Moulins for Polit is a compact secretary for a small office. The folded steel frame is done up in a spectacular blue print blue with a matte varnish top coat. The surfaces are solid beech, and there are a variety of accessories for the desk including folded steel trays, and lacquered cubbies for holding writing implaments.

The frame of the desk forms a single structure that creates two trellis style legs and frames for the writing surfaces. The writing surfaces themselves create additional stiffening support for the frame of the desk. I love the industrial feel to this, yet it remains light and airy, with a distinct minimalist feel to it.

7 Bis Repita is manufactured in France in the Pays de Loire and Nord Pas de Calais.