How The Economic Machine Works, an Animation.

Jonathan Jarvis, working with Props to studio Thornberg & Forester and sound designer  Big Foote, have created a 30 minute animated film about how the economic machine works. Yes 30 minutes. Here’s the thing though, if you are not an economist, or heavily involved in the business side of things with your occupation, you probably know very little about the information contained below. So why should you watch it? Because Jarvis and company take a fairly complex white paper from Ray Dalio (Bridgewater and Associates)  and break it down into an easy to digest animated piece. An animated piece that is as fun to watch as it is to learn from. Take 30 minutes and grow your brain this afternoon. Oh, and if you are wondering who Ray Dalio and Bridge Water are, they’re the guys that predicted the 2008 crash long before it happened.