In Real Life, The Documentary about How Technology is Changing You.

Like it or not, your life is being documented, and stored by private companies who’s value systems are kept private, hidden from public view. This is the new reality. Your online presence is part of a never ending digital feed that is changing, and shaping the future as we know it. This is your digital life, hosted by a machine that was designed and built by humans, and is having a massive impact on the way we spend our lives. Not just the part where 80 percent of your day is glued to a screen, but the way we interact with and see the world around us when we aren’t online. Like it or not, we welcomed this with open arms, and now we are beginning to see the consequences of a world not only enhanced by digital conveniences, but shaped by them as well. InRealLife is a documentary that delves deeper into that rabbit hole, and one that I can’t wait to see.