Plug In to the Adorne Pop-Out.

For the most part wall outlets and light switches are just plain ugly. With a few exceptions the design hasn’t changed much in the last 80 years. I understand that thanks to ISO standards, the part that you actually plug into won’t change, and thats good. Design standards make life easier right? Here’s the thing though, wall outlets don’t have to look bad, boring, and dated. They also don’t have to hold the same old 20th century functionality that they used to.

The Adorne Pop-Out Outlet from Legrand has reinvented this common everyday fixture by streamlining the surface via a pop out multi-socket outlet. Since you can’t do away with outlets, at least you can now hide them in a minimalist package that recesses into the wall behind a smooth faceplate.


Adorne wall plates that come in a wide variety of colors and materials allowing you to match your wall surfaces and decor. When you need an outlet, simply push on the box and the outlets pop out. Now, if it only had built in USB sockets as well I could lose all of my charging bricks.