Systems, Das Programm, Walter Knoll, and Braun.

I love Braun electronics from the 1960’s and I love mid-century international style design, so “Systems” is right up my alley. The exhibition is curated by das programm and produced in association with Braun is on display at the Walter Knoll London showroom from November 25 Through December 31 of this year.



The exhibit features the work of an international group of designers that were asked to work within the Braun design principals, and systemic design guidelines.The design team featured Experimental Jetset, Hey Studio, Ross Gunter, Antonio Carusone, Spin, Tomasz Berezowski, Spin and a host of others.

Now I just need to figure out a way, and find time to get to London before the end of the year.

design-project-braun-poster-900-1 hey-braun-poster-900-3 L2M3-braun-poster-900-1 lundgren-lindqvist-braun-poster-900-1 mark-gowing-braun-poster-900-1 toormix-braun-poster-900-1