A Porsche 911 + a Camera + Virtual Rig

The world of photography has changed so much in the last 20 years. Even the last 5 have seen some very radical shifts in the way photographers shoot, edit, and post process their images. One thing remains constant though, good photography is not about the technology and software, it’s about the person behind the camera. When the two are combined, you get masterful results.


Photographer Frederic Schlosser was given the assignment of shooting the very famous Falken Porsche 911 for an upcoming ad campaign. The client wanted the car to look as though it was moving very fast. They also wanted it shot in a rather edgy environment, with very tight, limited driving spaces. In order to achieve a really sense of movement, Schlosser turned to Virtual Rig software to help create the final images.

The video below is a behind the scenes short of the photo shoot. The link above will take you to Schlosser’s website where you can see all of the final images.

“In general it’s important for sure to get one shot without the car and one photo with spinning wheels. [Most people accomplish this using a jack to lift up the car and spin the wheels by hand.] For Virtual rig shots I also like to to show a vanishing point. This gives the picture more speed in my opinion. I always try to do something crazy with Virtual Rig photos because it allows me to capture limitless angles of the car, and thus, I love to do things that would be nearly impossible to shoot real life. That’s why I chose to create a dynamic shot of the Porsche driving during rain. It was really important to get nice water drops on the car, but since the car is moving and the water drops on the car have to move as well! So just using a water hose to spray down the car was not enough because the water was not moving fast enough. I used a technique which is very famous in portrait retouched called frequency separation and allowed me to move the water drops on the car. Another thing to add: we also had someone to move containers in the background for us. It was important to get Maersk containers properly displayed in the pictures since they are a partner of Falken!”