Old School plus New School. A Zoetrope for the Crafts Council.

OK, I love this. Here we have a wonderful short film for the Crafts Council that features old school animation techniques, pottery, and a Zoetrope. At the 22 second mark there is a brief shot of an After Effects screen where it looks like they were using CS 6 to figure out the animation sequence that would be hand applied to the pottery to create the final effect. What a great blend of old and new.

The film by Jim Le Fevre, Mike Paterson and Roops and Al Johnstone (RAMP ceramics) is based upon the principles of the Zoetrope with a twist. Instead of placing the pot in a drum with slits to create the shutter, and the animation, Le Fevre set up 19 frames spaced out at about 2 inches. The animation sequence is just about three quarters of a second in length per loop. To get the timing right, the potters wheel was slowly ramped up until it was perfect in-frame for the camera at about 78 rpm.