Blood & Oil, from Cale Glendening.

The video below from Cale Glendening has such a great look to it. Drama, atmosphere, color grading that gives the film a solid feel, wonderful shots and editing, truly nice work. This is a testament to what you can do with digital cinema these days. 10 years ago this would have taken a full crew, and tons of gear to pull off. Glendening created this with a crew of less than ten, and the right amount of DSLR gear. The voice over is fantastic with the film being narrated by Jeffrey Buckner Ford to Chloé Mclennan’s evocative prose. This is the complete package, hat tip to Mr. Glendening for a job well done.



  1. Hey, honored you like it and thank you for the beautiful write up. Just a heads up though, I used a Red EPIC with Ultra Prime lenses. No Dslr’s were ever used.

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