Ray Barbee, from Let Us Roam.

Let Us Roam is an ongoing short film series supported by Leica Camera. Recently in conjunction with Helio Collective they have released the first in a series of  short films featuring stories about photographers, artists, filmmakers and musicians inside of the skateboarding culture. The first film focuses on legendary professional skateboarder Ray Barbee. Ray’s short film illustrates his passion for creativity and the importance of passing those values on to his children. Executed with a high production value, and rich storytelling experience, the film below takes you on a wonderful journey as Barbee explains how skateboarding has led him to where he is today.

Production Agency: Helio Collective
Director / Cinematographer: Chris Murphy
Producer: Zach Johaneson
Line Producer: Chad Dawson
Editor: Sam Hedlund
Assistant Editor: Katie Roberts
Colorist: Jim Menkol
Sound Engineer: Jeremiah Slovarp
Additional Cinematography: Adam Kirschhoffer / Greg Hunt / Sam Hedlund
Camera Assistants: Nick Weber
Music: Ray Barbee and the Mattson 2 “Yeppers”