Commissioned by Pivot Dublin and Dublin City Council to promote wider acceptance and use of design as a tool for positive change, director Johnny Kelly’s latest short, “Shape” follows the progress of a central character through out his day. It is a story about design, change, progress and technology, done up in a deceptively simple form. Animated with meticulous detail. Polished with excellent sound design, and a light hearted positive soundtrack. The script for the 7 minute short was written by Scott Burnett of Dublin Based Aad. Production work was handled by Nexus who have a long history of working with Kelly.

The short film is tied to the “Make Shape Change” website. The purpose of the site is to get young people thinking about design, and how it effects the world around them. Introduced by the short film, the website is broken into sections that encourage exploration of specific categories that offer an easy to digest overview and encourage a deeper exploration of the topic.

Do yourself a favor and take the seven minutes it takes to watch this. Do your kids a favor and explore the website with them.