“What If” The New Nissan Juke Spot from UFO.

The spot below was produced by UFO for Nissan and TBWA / Else. Directed by Sebastien Cannone it features a nice blend of CGI and live action footage with copious amounts of special effects thrown in. If you watch this on a system with surround sound, turn up the volume. If not put on your headphones. The sound design is really, really good. There are so many things Iike about this spot. The fact that it is in an ultra-wide aspect ration, the blue color pallet, the entry shot where the Juke assembles from a series of particle systems, and so much more. This is a perfect example of you get what you pay for. Big money went into producing an ad that feels like a big budget film. What a great look for 30 seconds of automotive eye candy.