Do We Really Want Robot-Bees?

This is a great new spot for Greenpeace produced by Polynoid and Woodblock. It brings attention to the problem of collapsing honey bee colonies in what you think is a pure sci-fi fantasy, until the end of the spot. There is a call to action for the viewer to Google “Robot Bees”. The results are going to surprise you. This followed by a simple question and a link to the website. This spot is filled with high production value CGI work that is blended with live action footage. It features a really great storyline that leads to an almost unbelievable reality that robo bees are closer than we think.

You can sign the SaveTheBees petition here.

Greenpeace: “If we carry on with chemically intensive agriculture model, it is quite possible we may affect our pollinating insects to such a degree that we reach a global “pollination crisis”. This is the imaginary future we do not want. This future where bees and the biodiversity they help maintain, have finally fallen victim to chemically intensive industrial agriculture.”