The Endless Romance of the Pembrokeshire Coast.


I think I need to go on vacation. I have been on a vintage travel poster kick lately, and I think that I am secretly wanting to go on an extended summer vacation. While cruising through online pages of research I came across another series of travel posters that harken back to the classic posters of the 1930’s and 40’s. Produced by London based design agency Hatched for Pembrokeshire coast national park, the campaign was a finalist for two CIM Awards and with good reason.

Working with a color pallet that subtly changes across the poster range, the campaign was designed to promote tourism in the autumn months. Working with a classic illustrative style, imagery that promotes the pastoral countryside, and tag lines that play off of the romance of travel the posters were a huge success.

” Hatched transformed a simple advertising concept into our most successful marketing campaign ever. In short, they’re brilliant! ” 

Marie Edwards, Marketing Manager at PCNPA