Tangible Connections. My Mom’s Motorcycle.

Working in the field of digital design for the last couple of decades I have become keenly aware of the shift away from tangible objects, the connection we have with them, and a returning desire to engage with them. There is an entire generation of people that have grown up surrounded by computer generated content, and content that only exists in some form of electronic bits. Over the last few years there has been a strong resurgence for hand crafted, tangible, physical things that extend beyond the digital world that exploded in the 1990’s. The video below by  was produced for the My Rode Reel competition and is an exploration about relationships, objects, times, ideas, and people. It’s a great little narrative short that was one of the Vimeo staff picks and rightly so. The five minute film can be voted on here for a chance for Gautraud to win.