Creating Pioneers at WdKA.

One of the most important lessons I learned in art school was not how to draw, paint, sculpt, photograph, etc. I already had a pretty solid handle on that, which is probably why most students get accepted to art school. The big lessons were, learning how to be creative every day. Learning how to see. Critical thinking. And in graduate design school, learning how to collaborate. The thing is, when most students enter art school, they think they are going to learn some magical thing that will transform them into the next Picasso. Make them famous. Expose their genius. The thing is though, making art and being creative on a daily basis is tough. It’s hard work to get the ideas in your head out into the world in a way that is appreciated by others. That is the subject of the video below.

Created by  for the Willem de Kooning Academy, the video follows the creative process of an art academy student; the highs and lows, postponing a project, insecurities, working late, failing and starting over. It has a great look that is complimented by a solid narrative voice, and it really does summarize the creative process in a fun way.