“Aspirational”, Matthew Frost on Selfie Culture.

Kirsten Dunst is the star of a new online film by Iconoclast’s Matthew Frost for fashion magazine Vs. In the film Frost takes direct aim at the narcissistic selfie culture that has exploded with social media and the smartphone generation. In the film Dunst is waiting outside of her home for a ride when a car with two young women stops and ask if she is who they think she is. Without asking her permission, they hop out and start shooting selfies of themselves with Dunst while muttering “cool” in the background repeatedly. In spite of it all Dunst remains friendly and even asks if they want to talk or ask her anything, but their primary interested is being tagged by Dunst on social media to gain random followers and likes. Through out the entire clip Dunst’s expressions are spot on, and the script nails the experience so well. At the end listen to the movies they name and see if you can spot the ones that Dunst was not in.